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Sessions that take place once a week in a confidential space and last 45 minutes or 30/35 for children under the age of 7 


After speaking on the phone or via email, we would arrange an initial meeting where we can discuss some of reasons you might be thinking about therapy and how therapy might be able to help. We would then arrange 2 - 3 assessment sessions to see whether you (parents/carers and child) are happy to begin working together regularly.

Sessions are client centred and so what happens in sessions is largely directed by the child, but often our work includes lots of music, art and imaginative play as a means of processing and understanding feelings and experiences. 

Location - Sessions can vary in location. I have resources to run sessions from my home, but often I will work with children and adolescents at their school or in their own home. The musical resources available will vary depending on the location. Most importantly the space needs to be self contained and free from interruption.  

Cost Per Session : £85

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