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Private Individual Music Psychotherapy 

Session that take place once a week in a confidential space lasting 45 minutes 


Firstly, you are welcome to contact me for a discussion over the phone or email.

After which we could arrange to meet for an initial appointment so that we can discuss in more depth why you might like to access therapy.

As part of that initial appointment we can discuss whether you might like to begin further sessions. 

Our sessions together might include music and talking or just talking, depending on what you feel comfortable with. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you are thinking of contacting me on behalf of someone who might be unable to contact me directly. 

Location - Sessions can vary in location. I have resources to run sessions from my home and most prefer this option. will work with children and adolescents at their school or in their own home. The musical resources available will vary depending on the location. Most importantly the space needs to be self contained and free from interruption.  

Cost Per Session: £85

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